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Tax Reimagined

We’ve married Wealth Management and tax advice. And as a result, not only do we prepare and file clients’ tax returns – but we do it in a new and unique way.

After all, if you can track your Amazon purchase and know exactly where it is in the country, why in the world can’t tax be the same? At TRPG Sports, we knew there was a better way – so we created a tax experience unlike any other. You are kept up to date with notifications on exactly where we are with the preparation and filing of your tax return!


tax Approach

It’s Tax Time

Progress Bar 1

With notifications to update you every step of the way and an electronic organizer you can fill out at your convenience, we’ll make your next tax season the easiest you’ve ever had!

We’ve Received Your Tax Organizer

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After you’ve completed your tax organizer and upload your documents to our secure vault, we’ll review everything and request additional documents as needed.

We’ve Received Your Documents

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After we’ve received your documents, you’ll get a notification that lets you know your information is in the hands of our tax team.

We’re Preparing Your Return

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We’ll let you know when we begin preparing your return. If additional information or documents are needed at this time, we’ll reach out to you directly to request them.

Your Return Is Ready To Be Filed

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Once your return is ready to be filed, we’ll send your estimated tax payment vouchers and your electronic authorization filing authorization.

Your Return Has Been Filed

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We’ll send you a confirmation once your return has been filed and that’s it! Taxes done!


Tax Approach

Drop Off Documents

Drop Off Your Tax Documents.


Radio Silence Ensues.

Black Hole

You begin to wonder if your taxes got lost in a blackhole.

Return Is Ready

Out of no where, you get a call letting you know your taxes are done.

Ready for a better approach to your taxes?

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For decades tax has been viewed as a once-a-year transaction where we all sprint to finish our taxes by April 15th.

At TRPG Sports, tax is an ongoing yearlong consultative process where you get a dedicated tax consultant that will work with your Wealth Manager to evaluate a myriad of tax issues like maximizing long-term cap gains rate, tax-loss selling, QCD planning, charitable planning, optimizing incomes to qualify for ACA, Roth conversion analysis…the list goes on and on.

Tax Advisors - The Retirement Planning Group

Lots of Wealth Management firms say that they do “tax planning” and look at “tax strategies”.

Most of the time they are only focused on taxation with regards to investments – not incorporating it into your tax return. We don’t just talk about tax strategies, we see them executed all the way to the end by filing your return with the IRS.