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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that over 70% of American’s take Social Security early?

While this may be appropriate for some, most American’s don’t realize “the money they are leaving on the table”.

Social Security is turning 80 this year and to celebrate they are celebrating National Social Security week (July 19-25) to raise awareness about their website where you can open a free, personal my Social Security account. This account gives you secure and immediate online access to your SS statement, where you can verify your earnings and see estimates of the future retirement, disability, and survivor benefits you and your family may receive based on your earnings.

However, most Americans don’t know how to decipher this information in regards to the complex rules of Social Security. We can show you little known strategies to help you avoid common mistakes regardless if you are single, married, widowed or divorced. For example let’s assume a husband and wife have benefit amounts of $1,200 and $600 monthly-how they claim their Social Security benefits can result in an additional $125,000 in lifetime cumulative benefits!

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