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As a professional athlete, you are facing a unique set of challenges. Making your wealth last after your time on the field is one of them. TRPG Sports was built to meet that challenge.

I’ve walked a mile in your shoes, maybe further.

As a former professional athlete in the MLS, I was met with the same challenges you are likely facing. I’m here to educate you and make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Kevin Ellis - Wealth Management for Professional Athletes

Hey there, TJ.

Your signing bonus was just invested and you are on track to hit your goals!

This isn’t automation, it’s personalization.

We’ll keep you notified every step of the way – from account opening to investing your account to rebalancing your portfolio throughout the year – even updates on potential tax saving strategies!

Kevin EllisHey TJ! We just made some investment trades to reduce your taxes.

I saw the trade notifications! How much will it save me?

Kevin-EllisIt looks to be around $3,000 in taxes! See you at our next meeting!

Hi John.

Just talked to your agent. Congrats on the new contract, new team, new city! We have ideas on the best way to buy a house in Dallas. Let’s chat.

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In between face-to-face meetings, zoom or phone calls, we are always with you. We’re only a click away.

Our app will show you progress, past activity, transactions, conversations and reports in your Timeline and Vault! We keep track to make sure you are on track.

Heads-up Sydney

We just sent over recommendations for your 401k! Let us know what you think.

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Money – A Taboo Topic

Money – A Taboo Topic

Money was a taboo topic in my house growing up. It was just something we never talked about, and as I've matured, I've found this to be true for others. I don't blame my parents, but I did feel underprepared for the place I found myself at age 19. After signing my...

My First Investment

My First Investment

At age 23, I made my first investment that would change my career trajectory in the MLS. My professional career started when I signed a four-year contract at the age of 19. Being so young, I might have played three games with the first team in those first four years....

Hey Jake!

We just finished filing your taxes for you. Nothing to worry about. Good luck at the game!

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